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Alberi gemelli - Twin trees by Federico Mosconi, on Flickr. CC Image, Some rights reserved 0

Pedigree Collapse

My family tree has married cousins. If you trace your family back far enough it is normal and even required to have marriages of cousins in your family tree. This is known as Pedigree...

Family Bible of Gen. Thomas Jonothan "Stonewall" Jackson by geraldbrazell, on Flickr. CC Image, Some rights reserved 3

The Purposes of the Family Tree

The ancient Irish were among the earliest civilizations to value genealogy. John O’Donovan, Irish language scholar, wrote in 1849, in his book, Miscellany of the Celtic Society: “Those of the lowest rank among a...

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What is Genealogy?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines genealogy as “The study of family history,” but anyone who has studied, or wants to study, his or her own family tree, knows that genealogy is so much more than...


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