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Hello! Nice to meet you. I am Josh, and I am in charge of development for FullFamilyTree.com. It’s over two years ago that I first started working with Chuck Herrick on this site. I actually created the original site myself in addition to coming up with a couple of the early concepts. Two years ago, anyone who had bothered typing in our url would only have found a few forms to enter profile info and a simple report to print it out. We have come a long way since then, and we will go much further.

We don’t want to forget about you, our users, while we are making this journey. Occasionally, when I have the time, I would like to pull back the curtain a bit and let you know what we are doing behind the scenes in order to give you a better site. After spending a lot of time examining the site, we now understand many of the basic elements that are missing. It should be easier for family members to share and collaborate with each other, and our current users need a better way to get their own families to join them. These things have occupied a majority of our time for the past few months, and we have come up with solid ideas on how the site can be changed. Now, we are working on getting those ideas developed. Creating a complex platform that is simple to use is never a quick process. It will likely be a few more months until we can show you these changes; we appreciate your patience, and we won’t give up on you!

In the meantime, you can continue to contact us via our Contact Form or ask for help. I always enjoy hearing from you, and I try to respond as often as I can. You have already reached out to us a lot, and we have taken note of the things you’ve had trouble with, the questions you’ve needed to ask, and of course, the new features you’ve requested. The most popular features you have requested are GEDCOM imports and account deletion. Your pleas haven’t been ignored, and we have given thought to both of these features. They both come with their own difficulties and complications, but we will eventually be able to implement them. Feel free to keep bugging us about them as well as anything else you would like to see.

To all of our current users, thank you for using our site and helping us build your family tree. To those of you who aren’t users yet and are maybe here for the first time, come sign up for FullFamilyTree.com where we won’t regard you as just another statistic.

Joshua #2

Joshua #2

Joshua, who sometimes calls himself "Employee #2," is one of the original employees of Full Family Tree, LLC and has been working on FullFamilyTree.com since its inception. Using his five plus years experience in web development, Josh created the original site. He remains in charge of development and keeps busy with many essential tasks concerning the site.

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