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Over the last 20 years, I had dabbled in creating my family tree. In all that time, I didn’t get much farther than a small tree with grandparents and some cousins. But about 3 years ago, I became really serious about genealogy. As I searched the internet to build my tree, I found lots of free information in different places. Some of it was put online by family members. Some of it was put online by government entities in the form of things like birth certificates, death certificates, and census data. Some I found through Google searches that lead me to messages and postings on existing genealogy sites. But it was very time consuming and exhausting to do this work alone.

As time went on and I continued this intense research, I realized I needed a place to store what I had found and I also wanted to share this new info with family members. And then I wanted to collaborate with family members to supplement my missing information with material they had. 

The goal of this¬†website is to share as much as possible with you about how to go about creating a family tree, how to find the information you need, how to store your work, and how family members should go about sharing what they’ve found with other family members.

I am a firm believer that most things on the internet should be free. And I believe that people want to give information to people for free, especially to family members about family history. This website is an effort to help people learn about ways to have the fullest experience in family tree building, to find the easiest ways to get existing data, and connecting with family to learn as much as possible about their family.

Chuck Herrick

Charles Herrick is the Founder and CEO of Full Family Tree, LLC. Since founding the company two years ago, Chuck has drawn on his twenty plus years experience in ecommerce and information systems in order to shape his dream of a free social genealogy platform into FullFamilyTree.com.

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